NEW! E³-Deep Pour

E³-Deep Pour is a high strength epoxy grout designed for grouting machine and equipment bases of all types. Formulated to be used in deep placements, E³-Deep Pour provides maximum bearing for bases of numerous configurations. Additionally, our patent pending DL Technology™ aggregate greatly reduces the amount of dust released into the environment during mixing and handling. E³-Deep Pour meets the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute Standard 610, Appendix L for Baseplate and Soleplate Grouting.


  • DL Technology™ aggregate greatly reduces dust
  • Low exotherm for large volume applications
  • Expansive/non-shrink
  • Excellent bearing
  • Variable fill ratio
  • Excellent bond to foundation and base plate
  • Stable in deep placements
  • Long working time


  • Large/deep volume precision placements
  • Rebuilding foundations, bases and columns
  • Vibration dampening for equipment
  • Tanks, turbines and housings
  • Pour-backs for post tension projects


E³-Deep Pour is packaged in 1.4 ft³  (0.039 m³) kits. To mix to a high flow consistency, remove 1 bag of aggregate.

                           Resin, Part A:      Hardener, Part B:    Aggregate, filler Part C:     Yield:

Standard Unit:  1.17 gal (5.3 L)     0.98 gal (3.7 L)        5 - 32 lb (14.5 kg) bags         1.40 ft³ (0.039 m³)

High Flow Mix: 1.17 gal (5.3 L)     0.98 gal (3.7 L)        4 - 32 lb (14.5 kg) bags          1.15 ft³ (0.033 m³)

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