Granular Color Dispensing System

Color-Matic “G” Systems take color dispensing systems to the next level by using a low-dust granulated color to produce pigments used in supply houses, precast plants and ready-mix plants. Designed for speed and accuracy, the patented Color-Matic ”G” will provide every producer with an economical and efficient way to dispense color.

ColorMatic “G” is our workhorse, available in 3 sizes, all systems are containerized, heated and insulated:

  • “G10” - 10 cubic yards
  • “G3” - 3 cubic yards
  • “G1” - 1 cubic yard.

Euclid Chemical's patented design uses a set of unique processes to batch color recipes and mix into a slurry before being pumped into the mixer. The system is flushed and cleaned automatically after each batch. Since the color is kept dry until needed, there is no need to recycle the material. The granulated color is sheared in the weighing process to insure 100 percent tint strength is achieved from batch to batch. The system maintains inventory levels and stores a batch record in a database.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy-to-Use Computer
  • Remote Online Support (Internet Access Required)
  • Over 800 pre-programmed color recipes
  • Custom Color Capabilities
  • Four Color Dry to Wet System
  • Fifth Color Liquid Option
  • Four interior storage hoppers
  • Database storage for a variety of sales reports
  • Dimensions: 8 ft x 10 ft wide by 15 ft tall