DL Technology - Epoxy Grout Aggregate

A side-by-side comparison of a typical epoxy grout aggregate and our dustless epoxy grout aggregate utilizing DL Technology™.

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Euclid Chemical Fiber: Building Better Structures

Revolutionary Concrete Technology


Macro-Synthetic Fibers

How to Apply Euclid Chemical Solvent Based Sealers to Concrete

Learn how to properly apply solvent based sealers

Step-by-step application instructions

How to Build a Parking Lot in Under Three Minutes!

Time-lapse of a 3 day field study

High-Performance, Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

HYDRAPEL - Concrete Masonry Admixture Technology

This video features HYDRAPEL admixture benefits that relate to block, paver, and retaining wall unit production efficiency and cost control. Using a gyratory compactor, we demonstrate the stark differences in compaction rate and strip-out effort between a plain, reference mix and one treated with HYDRAPEL 2.0 admixture.

Workability Retention - Plastol AMP-X Series

PLASTOL AMP-X³ is a unique ASTM C494 Type S admixture with unmatched workability extension compared to other admixtures on the market. It was formulated using an advanced chemistry of time-release polycarboxylate technology and has since been optimized for use in many concrete applications.