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  • Bridges

    Concrete Admixtures, Deck Coatings, Cathodic Protection, Architectural / Decorative Materials along with Repair and Patching Compounds can all be supplied by Euclid Chemical's "One Source" product offering for bridge infrastructure projects.

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  • Parking Structures

    Concrete Admixtures, Traffic Deck Coatings, Sealants, Penetrating Sealers and Bonding Agents are all required elements of a long lasting and successful parking garage construction project.

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  • Water & Wastewater Treatment

    Rapid turnaround repair and protection products to stop leaks, patch concrete, and waterproof water structures with minimal downtime.

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  • Flooring & Pavement

    Repair materials for patching damaged concrete and joints. Sealers and coatings to protect the concrete surface from contaminants. Decorative and polishing solutions to improve aesthetic appearance.

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