Rapid Setting Hydraulic Cement Compound

VANDEX PLUG is a rapid-setting hydraulic cement compound with crystalline properties used to instantly stop running water or seepage in masonry or concrete. VANDEX PLUG is ready to use and requires only the addition of water before plugging and sealing active leaks within a minute. Once VANDEX PLUG has set and stopped the flowing water, additional Vandex waterproofing treatments can be immediately applied over the top of it.

Features & Benefits

  • Non-shrinking, non-metallic and non-corrosive
  • Initial set in 45 seconds
  • Instantly stops running water or seepage leaks
  • Positive or negative side application
  • Can be applied underwater


  • Concrete pipe
  • Swimming pools
  • Foundations & basements
  • Tunnels
  • Dams & water reservoirs
  • Manholes
  • WTP & WWTP plants
  • Culverts
  • Spillways


VANDEX PLUG is packaged in 50 lb (22.7 kg) pails.